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VerificationManager Saves Mountain America Credit Union's HR Department 3 Hours Each Day

Founded in the mid-1930s, Mountain America Credit Union is the 2nd largest credit union in Utah, and ranks among the top 35 credit unions in the United States with more than $4.4 billion in assets. Their extensive network of branches and ATMs spans much of the Intermountain West, including Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, and New Mexico.

Serving more than 600,000 members, Mountain America offers a variety of financial products and services for consumers and businesses, including savings accounts, auto loans, checking accounts, mortgage loans, business checking, student loans, SBA loans and retirement options.

I definitely would recommend HostedHR and VerificationManager to other organizations."

Client Profile

Founded in the mid-1930s, Mountain America Credit Union is the 2nd largest credit union in Utah, and ranks in the top 35 credit unions in the United States with more than $4.4 billion in assets.


Employment verification was a time and energy burden for Mountain America during a growth spurt that required the full attention of their HR staff.


VerificationManager is a zero-cost, employment verification solution that easily integrates with any HRIS or payroll system.


Smooth and fast integration into Mountain America's HRIS (Workday)
Saves up to 3 hours of work each day
Quick verification processing

The Challenge

Like most organizations, Mountain America followed the practice of handling all employment verifications within their HR department. When a written or verbal request for employment verification came in, a member of the HR staff would take time out of their day to respond to the request.

"On an average day, we would get upwards 15 written requests with each one taking as much as 10 minutes to complete. We would also receive as many as 5 verbal requests," says Melinda Cottam, HR Generalist at Mountain America. "During an especially busy day, we could get as many as 50 verification requests!"

To make matters worse for the HR department, Mountain America was experiencing an enormous growth spurt. "Because we had so many onboarding responsibilities, we were looking for some sort of system that would help alleviate the employee verification time burden on our HR staff," Melinda explains. "We wanted to make sure that our HR staff could focus their time on serving our rapidly growing number of employees.

The Solution

Mountain America was in the process of working with HostedHR to implement a tuition reimbursement solution when they discovered that HostedHR also offered an employee verification solution called VerificationManager. "Since we were already internally discussing our need for a verification system, we got lucky and didn’t have to search very hard," says Melinda.

To relieve the burden on HR staff caused by verification requests, HostedHR's VerificationManager seamlessly integrates with the employers HRIS or payroll system and empowers employees to grant secure access to their employment information and income history. And, it is the only system of its kind that doesn't require the use of social security numbers. VerificationManager's patent-pending process enables the system to function without the employer, employee, or verifier having to ever input social security numbers.

When a written or verbal request is made to the HR department by a verifier, the staff member handling the request simply refers the verifier to The system automatically noti es the employee of the request, and they employee can grant or deny the request. The process is simple. VerificationManager puts the employee in control of their information so that the verifier quickly gets the information they need.

The Results

Melinda couldn't have been more pleased with VerificationManager and the rapid results it delivered to Mountain America's HR department:

Smooth Implementation Process

Integrating systems can often be a hassle fraught with technical problems. But not with VerificationManager. "The implementation process went very smoothly," shares Melinda. "The HostedHR team worked effectively with our tech department to integrate VerificationManager with Workday and made sure that everything functioned properly."

Saves up to 3 Hours of Work Each Day

Having implemented VerificationManager, Mountain America's HR department saves as many as 3 hours each day by not having to handle employment verifications. "VerificationManager has greatly reduced our workload," says Melinda. "And, that has been very, very beneficial to us. It gives us more time to do our jobs.

Quick Verification Processing

Melinda was amazed at just how quickly VerificationManager processed requests. To test the system, Melinda worked with an employee while the employee handled a verification request. "A couple of minutes after we finished, I called the verifier to let them know that their request had been approved," explains Melinda. "I was surprised when the verifier replied that they already received the information that they asked for."

When asked if she would recommend VerificationManager to other organizations, she replied with a smile, "Yeah. I definitely would."

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